Not All Cops Are Heroes: Deal With It!

Not all cops are bad and grab their dicks while shooting black teenagers. Likewise, not all doctors cut off the wrong limb during amputation surgeries. However, when you have a fuck-up for a doctor, he will probably face a lawsuit and lose his license; end of story. And you probably don’t see national public outrage about it. That doesn’t seem to be the case for fuck-up cops though, and yet they’re shocked…SHOCKED when there’s public outrage about them fucking up without being held accountable. Recently another cop, Lisa Mearkle, got away with murder and spoiler alert, she was acquitted. (Side note: This time the victim was a white man, so the #AllLivesMatter dipshits are speechless.)

What baffles me, are the people that come to the defense of these assholes who abuse their power. I don’t understand the line of reasoning that if you believe a cop should be accountable for their actions, you somehow hate all cops. Why is everything so black and white for you tunnel-visioned morons? It’s not like despising cops who abuse their power means we want to round them all up into camps and detain them indefinitely. That was so 1940s, and we only reserve that level of extreme ignorance for whatever flavor of the human race we’re feeling xenophobic for at the moment; not our dear hero cops. Those of us who can see things for what they are, realize that not every cop in the USA is an evil villain. But, when they are bad, and they DO commit crimes, why can’t they be held accountable like anyone else? Let me repeat that question for emphasis, and PLEASE give me a specific answer:

When a cop commits a crime, why can’t he or she be held accountable like everyone else?

I’m waiting in suspense to find out why I’m the liberal asshole who wants to turn the USA into socialist f–….f–….FUCKING FRANCE because I think justice should be served to those who commit crimes against other humans.

I’m sure those who disagree with me have a list of stupid rebuttals lined up to deflect from my question, so I have addressed them below:


“Why does the media always have to make cops out to be the bad guys? Why doesn’t the LIBERAL media ever focus on the cop who bought the homeless man a hot dog in Who-Gives-A-Fuck, USA?”

Probably for the same reason why a cop would focus on the armed robber of a convenience store rather than the dude who threw his change into the give a penny take a penny tray. One is a problem that needs a solution, the other is not. Get it?

“Now, any time a cop justifiably uses force, he has to worry about social justice warriors on the internet getting him fired.” 

Or…..Maybe he only has to worry about getting fired when video taped using excessive force. I love how it’s somehow the “libtards” on social media’s fault for giving cops a bad reputation when a cop is caught on video abusing their power.

“Don’t complain when you need them, and they’re not there to help.” 

Yep, nailed it! And when my friend gets a DUI and loses his license I guess I shouldn’t ask for a ride to the airport from any of my other friends.

“A black man raped and killed a girl. Where’s the public outrage for THAT?”

Yeah, because I’m sure he was acquitted of all charges and is sitting at home sharing the Eric Garner video and flaming cops on the internet this very moment.

“If you don’t want to get shot like a criminal, then maybe you shouldn’t run like a criminal.”

Oh, sorry. I didn’t know our entire police force was comprised of the fucking T-Rex species from Jurrasic Park. Does movement trigger the hunt for them? And let’s say the “criminals” ran and got away. WHO GIVES A FUCK?! Unless they just committed mass murder, was whatever petty bullshit crime they just committed punishable by death? And for those of you tunnel-visioned dipshits, I’m not talking about the Tsarnaev brothers, or someone who pretends to be armed, or someone who is combative. I’m talking about the David Kassicks, Eric Garners, Israel Hernadez-Llaches, Zachary Hammonds, Michael Browns, and John Crawfords….to name just a few…Ok, maybe Michael Brown doesn’t belong on that list. We all know he became the incredible black hulk and pulled a 6’4 cop out of his car window after the cop politely asked Michael to ambulate onto the beautiful sidewalk next to the street.

So yeah, I have the capability of hating the cops who commit crimes while also maintaining a mental capacity to understand that there are a lot of good cops out there who do noble work. The fact that one upsets me and gets my attention does not preclude me from appreciating the other. I can even go to a restaurant and determine that their food is shit without hating every restaurant on the planet!


So far I’ve only scratched the surface, focusing on the serious shit of killing an unarmed citizen. For more reading about why citizens get annoyed by cops who abuse their power, please read one of my favorite asshole’s articles below:

A Message to Cops by Maddox

“Gay people aren’t born gay”: Every argument you have against gay marriage is moronic and stupid (part 2)

Holy shit. I really didn’t want to do part 2 to the whole “Every argument you have against gay marriage is moronic and stupid” article until a couple of months after the first one; but, goddamn the level of stupid out there is just fucking mind-blowing. I have spent the better part of my free time this past week in social media debates with some of the biggest fuck-tards imaginable. The next completely moronic thing that comes out of Murikan dipshits’ mouths is, “It has been proven that gay people are not born gay. They choose to be gay.”

Oh really? What science is this? PLEASE! Someone link me the scientific study that definitively proves this. Did the same study also prove what attracts people to their favorite color? Did it also prove my favorite food was a choice? I don’t remember ever making a conscious decision that purple is my favorite color, or that I made a decision to love pizza. I just do. Maybe my brain is wired differently from the rest of mankind, but I don’t ever remember making choices about what I’m attracted to in any capacity. I love classical music, but I hate country music. In fact, I would rather someone piss in both my ears than listen to country music. I don’t remember ever making that choice. I just prefer one and hate the other. I never sat down and thought to myself, OK. Today’s the day I make the decision to love classical music and dislike country music. When I turn on the radio I don’t think to myself, hmmm what do I decide I’m liking today.

Or is what you’re attracted to only a choice when it comes to sex? Again, I feel like the odd man out here, so help me out. Do straight men toss and turn in bed each morning with an internal conflict of whether they will scour the earth for dick or not? Is there a vagina-angel perched on their right shoulder while an evil dick-demon rests on their left shoulder rooting for their respective teams? Most straight men are either booty men or boobs men. When did they decide whether they were more turned on by tits or ass? After all, according to this dumb-fuck logic, we all CHOOSE what we’re attracted to.

But, let’s get down to the real reason why people argue so vehemently that being gay is a choice. The real reason is deep down they hate people they don’t understand, but they don’t want to fess up to that. After all, we wouldn’t want to go against Jesus’s teachings about loving one another *eye roll*. So instead, they try to vindicate their contempt by placing their hate on the behavior, or in this case I guess we could call it the “sin” (using quotes because even if you do follow the Bible, it’s not a sin – refer to part 1 of this article). You see, the fact that people are born gay makes two things unsettling for Bible-thumping assholes. For one, it means that sexual orientation goes beyond mere behavior and actually now means something in regard to a person’s identity. Rejecting an individual’s identity would be rejecting the individual himself, and that would make pious morons hypocrites in their faith. Secondly, God said he created man in his image. This is HUGE. If gay people were born gay, then that means God created them that way. So if God really did hate all these homos, then why the fuck is he creating them in the first place? Also, if God created people in his image then God is quite possibly a big trisexual who would try anything he created.




“But the Bible Says…”: Every argument you have against gay marriage is moronic and stupid (part 1)

So gay marriage is pretty much becoming a thing in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States will hopefully make a final decision at the end of April 2015. It’s already legal in 37 states. As news arrives for each state that has succumbed to the “gay agenda” (whatever the fuck that is) the blogosphere erupts in a shit storm of posts for and against. This article is titled “part 1” because there is just soooooo much bullshit out there that I couldn’t possibly include it all in one essay.

Let us begin with the one that pisses me off the most: “But the Bible says…”

When I read a comment on any forum, I first scan for the words: God, Jesus, Bible, Our Lord Savior, His (with a capital h). If I see any of these mentioned as a fact in a post I immediately dismiss the person as a stupid asshole. A common example of this stupidity is, “I’m against it because the Bible states that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

….except that IT DOESN’T!

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you read the goddamn book you’re always thumping. Nowhere does Jesus turn to his followers and say, “Let it be known that marriage is only between a man and a woman.” In fact, Jesus never even mentioned homosexuality. You know what he did mention a lot of? All that liberal shit about loving your neighbor as you love yourself, helping the poor, judge not lest ye be judged….you know…the shit that gets tossed out the window any time a Bible-thumping Republican talks about immigration, foreign aid, welfare, or gay marriage.

Let’s just pretend for a minute that Jesus DID specifically say to his 12 bros and favorite fag hag, “Homosexuality is wrong and my other dad is going to cast them into the pits of Hell to burn for an eternity”. You mentioning that to me as fact equates to me saying something like, “My Fairy Godmother says that you being a bitch and making shit up is wrong; therefore, she will cast you into a pit of glitter and grind your fucking face in it for eternity.” Now, if I say that with faith and conviction does it make it real for you? Probably not. Just as your faith and conviction in whatever you believe does not make it real for me. The point being, just because you believe something strongly does not make it a fact that public policy should be based upon.

I’m not saying that you can’t believe what you want. It is your American right to believe whatever bullshit you wish. However, your belief in that bullshit should not govern the lives of others, and it absolutely has no place in our government.